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After 20 years of running an independent DIY label started in his late teens (one that issued the debut albums of Boy Sets Fire, This Will Destroy You, Doomriders, Beastmilk, Old Man Gloom, Iron Reagan, and many others), Brent Eyestone decided that 2018 would be the perfect year to establish an entirely new entity that focuses strictly on working with long-time friends in an evolved capacity. While some of the tried and true functions of old guard record-releasing are respected and employed, Dark Operative is more focused on a mission toward assisting life-long musicians and artists accomplish their goals and creative visions through methodology far more current and consistent than traditional (read: outdated) record label nonsense. 

Additionally, knowledge and practices learned and acquired from other creative industries are applied to (and quite often override) philosophic approaches in working with bands and artists. For instance, in skateboarding, having your own pro model is a monumental accomplishment that comes from years of hard work and growing a fanbase. In music, it's not uncommon for bands to release rehearsal tracks (and everything else) on vinyl without even having demand or much of an audience. At Dark Operative, vinyl releases will once again be as special and regarded as sacredly as a pro model or an NBA superstar's shoe drop. Simply put: if we're going to make something, it should mean something.

With Dark Operative Digital, the aim is to help our friends distribute their music across every digital service provider in the world (even if we don't do the physical release). In keeping with the skateboarding analogy, think of it as "am" or "flow" status, perfect for unknown bands, obscure projects, posthumous discographies, and everything else that doesn't make sense for the main roster/vinyl treatment.

Finally, Dark Operative administers licensing and synchronization rights for our friends and collaborators via Dark Operative Publishing (ASCAP), Can O Bees Publishing (BMI), and Blistered Avalon Music (SESAC). What that means is that if you are interested in using any of the bands' music in television, film, web, and additional capacities, we're here to take care of that and review all requests with the bands themselves. Be in touch.





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