Sterling, VA

Chris Taylor
Mike Taylor
Blake Midgette
Jonny Ward
George Crum
Cory Stevenson
Brandon Evans

PAGENINETYNINE (also often listed as pg.99) began in earnest out of Sterling, Virginia in 1997. Over the course of the following six years, the band would go on to issue thirteen recordings with friends’ record labels and tour numerous times around North America and Europe with friends’ bands in tow for each journey. The band practiced a staunch, DIY-based, punk rock ethic that eschewed any and all traditional music industry practices and tactics. The band’s mantra of “Love your friends… die laughing” indeed marked the ethos by which they carried out every facet.

After breaking up in May 2003, there was a brief weekend in 2011 where the band decided to perform at Best Friends Day in Richmond, Virginia on August 26 and at Black Cat in Washington, DC the following day. Outside of that, it was largely assumed that the band was completely finished.

…and then the 2016 Presidential election happened. Rather than hashtag their feelings on it, talks began to center around doing something active and in the exact spirit of the Virginia/Washington DC punk and hardcore scene that the members of PAGENINETYNINE originally found their own voices in. 2017 saw the band once again take it out on the road with friends and labelmates MAJORITY RULE for one week of shows wherein the proceeds from each performance will be entirely donated to a local charity in the very town where the show occurred. Over $36,000 were raised and donated accordingly.

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